PlayStarion All-Stars Battle Royal is only a little over a month away from its Nov. 20 launch date and, starting tomorrow, many-a gamer will have the opportunity to take part in the closed beta.

Once the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow afternoon, Plus subscribers will be able to download the beta and get in on all of the action. A cross-platform beta, Battle Royale will also be available for those gaming on the PlayStation Vita, regardless of whether or not they are a Plus Subscriber.

In case you are somehow only just now hearing about PlayStation All-Stars and the above video didn’t drive this point home, what we’re basically dealing with here is a four-person combat brawler along the lines of Nintendo’s legendary Super Smash Bros. series. Players pick a PlayStation gaming icon and unleash their varied set of abilities on their opponents, trying to score the most knockouts in order to win the round. The levels players battle on are also mash-ups of two games, and items from various PlayStation staples occasionally drop in to spice up the combat.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the six combatants on offer tomorrow will be the same six that were available in the previous closed beta. These include Kratos, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper, Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth and Fat Princess. The Metropolis and Hades levels will be in rotation for online play in four-player free-for-alls or two-player battles.

If you’re a Plus Subscriber or gaming on the Vita, you can jump into the closed beta starting tomorrow afternoon. The beta will then open up to everyone on Oct. 23, with servers shutting down on Halloween night, Oct. 31.

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