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Another week, another possible leaked character for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A screen-cap of the official Battle Royale website suggests that Kat from Gravity Rush will be in the cross-over beat'em up game.

Gravity Rush was a PlayStation Vita exclusive released earlier this summer. The action RPG starred Kat, am amnesia with the power to control gravity. In the game, she uses this ability to walk on walls, soar through the air, and land some pretty devastating dropkicks.

Many of the cast members for Battle Royale have been around since the days of the PSOne or PS2. It's cool that SuperBot is mixing in some newer faces from less established franchises. Hopefully players' experiences with Kat will inspire them to check out Rush.

Pretty much every rumor related to Battle Royale characters thus far has turned out to be true. I'm willing to believe this one's legit as well. We'll see what SuperBot says, though.

(Picture via AGB)

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