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Sony will be expanding the library of streaming game service PlayStation Now in March. Today they announced five PS3 games coming to the service this month:

Infamous 2: inFamous 2 puts players in the shoes of Cole McGrath, a young man with power over electricity. He journeys to the city of New Marais to gain new abilities and prepare for a supervillain called the Beast. In between missions, Cole can freely explore the city and either cause havoc or protect the innocent. Players can also create missions of their own with a free toolset.

Twisted Metal: This 2012 reboot of the classic PlayStation franchise lets players get behind the wheel of heavily-armed vehicles. They can battle against A.I. opponents in a story mode or head online. This game has a more extensive multiplayer offering than its predecessors, supporting 4-player split-screen and 16 players online.

R-Type Dimensions: Dimensions is a bundle of R-Type 1 and R-Type 2, a pair of shoot 'em up arcade games from the late 1980s. Both games have been updated with a few options that you can use or ignore: online co-op, updated graphics, and an infinite lives mode.

Alone in the Dark: Inferno: Inferno is the fifth game in a long-running survival horror series. The player is Edward Carnby, an investigator trying to stop a supernatural threat in New York City. This game wasn't very beloved by fans but the PS3 version is considered the best of the bunch due to its bug fixes and improved controls.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River: Red River is a bit of an odd duck among military shooters. It doesn't have competitive multiplayer so the focus is on the campaign, which can be played alone or with up to three friends. The game also emphasizes realism so you need to be cautious and work with your squadmates to have a shot at survival.

You can check out a bit of footage from each game in this new trailer from Sony (via PlayStation.Blog:

PlayStation Now officially launched in January for PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PlayStation TV. Individual PS3 games can be rented through the service. PS4 owners also have the option of paying a $19.99 subscription for unlimited access to the full PS Now library. All PS4 users can try out the subscription for seven days for no charge. Sony says that the subscription will be available for other PS Now-supported hardware in the future.
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