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Sony has been repeatedly criticized for their offerings of content on their digital cloud service, PlayStation Now. A lot of the criticism comes in the form of a lack of content and high prices. Well, at least one of those issues are being addressed with the latest update.

Game Informer is reporting that five games are joining the list of playable titles on the Gaikai-powered PlayStation Now service, one of which includes the highly popular Uncharted 2 from the award-winning studio Naughty Dog.

The complete list of titles can be viewed below.

· Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
· God of War II HD
· Red Faction: Armageddon
· Galaga Legions DX
· Arcana Heart 3

Director of marketing for Sony's PlayStation brand, Peter Jamshidi commented about the new offerings, saying...
“Perhaps you had a PS3 but missed some of these games, or maybe you never owned a PS3 at all — either way, our PlayStation Now subscription service offers an easy and convenient way to catch up on your backlog. Of course, you can choose from two subscription plans — monthly for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99 (about $15 per month).”

As I mentioned before, the two biggest issues with PlayStation Now is content and price. While Sony appears to be fleshing out the content side of things, they're still dealing with a lot of gamers having a hard time ponying up $19.99 a month for older PS3 titles. I mean, by comparison, if you had a Wii U you could just buy some old Wii titles from eBay, GameStop or Amazon for $5 or $10 and you get to keep the games. For the early renditions of the PS3, you could also just plop in your PS2 games and play your library whenever you felt the need. That was also partially true for the Xbox 360, which had some form of backwards compatibility with OG Xbox titles.

Here, we have PS3 games that aren't that old but require a fairly hefty price to play them on newer hardware.

Even though the PS4 now has some form of backwards compatibility, it's not quite up to par compared to what most gamers are used to. There's also that looming feeling of whether or not the price is even worth it. I mean, Steam Machines (on Valve time, of course) are just around the corner and backwards compatibility or monthly subscriptions aren't on the table. No worries about PS Plus or PlayStation Now – there's also the option of emulators for those of you still rocking your original PSX, PS2 and PS3 discs. Real backwards compatibility.

I think Sony just needs to really hammer in a solid line-up of worthwhile games, find a moderate subscription model that won't make people feel like they should start eying Steam Machines, and cutting the monthly costs for some of these console services. An expanded library and a decent yearly subscription might change the tune of some consumers, but for now you'll just have to settle for what's available in the PS Now store for your home console and portable devices. The monthly subscription price for PS Now is $19.99 and the three month plan is $49.99.

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