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PS4 owners are about to get some hands-on time with streaming service PlayStation Now. Sony revealed today that beta will arrive on that platform on May 20th.

PlayStation Now allows players to stream select PS3 games without any need for downloads or game discs. The exact list of games available for PS Now at launch is unknown. The first demo kiosks for PS Now at CES featured recent releases like Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us. Titles available in the beta include Killzone 3 and Shadow of the Colossus.

The PS Now library could grow over time as well. Sony recently said "hundreds" of PS3 titles will be playable with the service. They could launch PS Now with a few dozen games and then slowly add more each month.

The beta debuted on PS3 in January. Only a select few players were invited but Sony says that the PS3 beta will "expand to a broader audience" soon.

"If you aren’t a member of our Private Beta community yet, click here to register your interest," Sony's Peter Jamshidi said on PlayStation Blog. "Please be patient if you’ve already registered but haven’t received an invitation yet. We are inviting more Private Beta testers on a regular basis."

The beta, unfortunately, is limited to the United States at the moment.

"Sorry, we don’t have anything to announce on Canada right now, the Beta is mainland US only," Jamshidi said in the comments section of his blog post. "We are listening to feedback however and are exploring other territories."

PlayStation Now will require a monthly subscription to access, even if you own the older games you're streaming to your console. The idea of renting these games rather than buying them outright doesn't sit well with some gamers. Still, PS Now adds a (limited) backwards compatibility to the PS4. It also ensures that PS3 games will be playable long after the console is discontinued. The service has good intentions even if the execution isn't to your liking.

PlayStation Now will launch later this year. Other supported devices for PS Now at launch include the PS Vita and 2014 Bravia TVs. Sony plans to bring the service to other devices in the future as well.

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