It’s another sad day for games print journalism as word comes down that PlayStation: The Official Magzine will be turning its last page later this year, making POM the latest in a long list of casualties for gaming magazines around the world.

Game Informer first reported on the closure. They said that word came directly from publisher Future US.

With circulation for many of its magazines shrinking over the years, coupled with Future’s bigger push for digital markets, it appears that it was only a matter of time before another magazine in its stable headed off into the sunset. The publisher announced earlier this year that it would be shuttering Nintendo Power as well, with the December issue set to be the final run. Future is taking a similar path with the closure of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, with the upcoming Holiday 2012 issue to be the magazine’s last.

Despite being a longtime subscriber to both of these magazines, their closures don’t really come as a shock for me. Both magazines shifted focus a few years back, relying more heavily on big features, hands-on previews and reviews to make up for the fact that the majority of their news items would be week’s old by the time the magazine actually hit the newsstands. It looks like that exclusive content, however, was not enough to keep readers ravenous for the printed page. Gamers are a digital-savvy group by nature, so it makes sense that most would seek their news and entertainment rather than on the tabloids rack at the local market.

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