It’s Tuesday, which means it is once again time to take a look at the latest batch of offerings coming out of the PlayStation Plus camp. This week, fighting fans gaming on the PlayStation 3 can enjoy some good old fashioned fisticuffs with the addition of Skullgirls: Encore to the Instant Game Collection, while a “Free to Play” sale offers discounts on the for-pay portions of a bunch of gratis games.

Announced as one of the IGC launches for the month of May, Skullgirls: Encore rages onto the scene this afternoon, offering up the game’s core roster of eight combatants, as well as the two free DLC characters that have been made available so far.

In Skullgirls, players have a (starting) roster of eight femme fatales to choose from, each battling for a right to control the Skull Heart, an object that grants the possessor untold power and a single wish. This oddball cast of characters includes zombie cats, Frankensteinian monstrosities with spinning blades attached to their back, a 1940’s cartoon character, a ninja nurse and more. Each Skullgirl has her own story line, while the game itself also boasts an extensive tutorial, online and multiplayer options. Coming from Lab Zero, Skullgirls is one of my favorite fighters of all time, and it’s nice to see that so many newcomers will be able to take the game for a spin as part of the Instant Game Collection.

While the initial cast of eight characters might seem a bit slim, two additional brawlers have been added to the roster in recent months, including the undead Squiggly and the trench coat wearing music enthusiast, Big Band. These are just two of the six additional characters Kickstarted for Skullgirls: Encore last year, with the remaining characters also set to be added to the game at no additional charge.

Each of the new characters also comes with their own story to explore, as well as their own level and soundtrack. In other words, Plus subscribers get Skullgirls: Encore at no additional charge today and enough DLC characters to just about double the game’s content, again at no additional charge. Not bad.

Also hitting Plus this week is the Free to Play sale, which gives you some pretty decent discounts on for-pay content for these various downloadable games. Whether we’re talking about in-game currency or additional content, you’ll want to check out the full sale listing if you play Blacklight Retribution, DC Universe Online, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Dust 514, Spartacus Legends or Warframe.

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