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February is just around the corner, which means it’s time to find out what games PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to see added to their Instant Game Collections starting next Tuesday. Here’s a hint: A talking sword, a family of would be heroes and a trip through time exploring Japan’s criminal underworld.

Not a fan of guessing games? Then let’s get right down to the actual announcements, beginning with the PlayStation 4. Full details can, as always, be found on the PlayStation Blog.

First up is Apotheon, an intriguing platforming adventure game for Sony’s latest home console. Based on Greek artwork from way back in the day, Apotheon looks like a clay pot decoration come to life, but plays more like your typical Metroidvania offering. In the game, the gods of Olympus have abandoned mankind and you, noble soldier that you are, aren’t too fond of being suddenly left to die. You’ll need to visit the home of the gods, slay them, then use their powers to restore some sense to the world.

Also up for grabs on the PS4 this month is Transistor. A story of music and loss, Transistor comes from the same folks behind Bastion, sporting a similar 2.5-D perspective and an interesting new turn-based-ish battle system.

Over to the PS3 and it looks like Sony wants to turn all gamers into master criminals this month. Plus offerings for the console include Thief and Yakuza 4, games that let you try your hands at two distinctly different forms of villainy. In thief, you’ll try to become one with the shadows and pull off crimes undetected. In Yakuza 4, your methods are typically more akin to a bull in a China shop, destroying your enemies and property alike on your journey through four distinct eras in Japanese crime.

Finally, the PlayStation Vita is getting two new games with next week’s Plus update, starting with the fantastic roguelike, Rogue Legacy. You’ll try to battle your way through an ever-changing castle on a quest to overthrow a dark lord one family member at a time. As your characters die, their you’ll have a choice of offspring to take their place, each with a couple of character traits that make them play in unique ways. Passing on your gear and abilities to the next in line means that you’ll push your way through the castle a little at a time until, at long last, your long line of warriors is triumphant.

Finally, the Vita is getting Kick & Fennick this month, a colorful platforming adventure that teams up a young human with a robot companion in need of a new battery.