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According to sales research carried out by Nintendo, Sony's PlayStation Vita platform is, at the moment, being outsold by both the PSP and Nintendo Wii within Europe.

Nintendo unveiled several graphs following its financial briefing (via Eurogamer) depicting the performance of various systems within European regions for the past three months.

The PlayStation 3 leads the sales, while Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's own 3DS are roughly tied at second. The Wii and PSP are fourth and fifth, respectively. The Vita is sixth.

The Vita has been selling around 25,000 units a week in the past three months. Comparatively, the PlayStation 3 has been selling around 70,000 units per week.

Meanwhile, within the United States, sales for the PlayStation Vita are more favorable than that of European figures. Based on NPD data, the Vita is placed fourth behind the PS3 in first, Xbox 360 in second and the 3DS in third. The PSP comes in at last place.

As to the sales figures in Japan, handheld gaming is currently dictating the platform market. Even there, though, the Vita isn't doing stellar. MediaCreate revealed that the Nintendo 3DS is in first place, followed by the PS3, PSP and then the Vita.

The PlayStation Vita has been experiencing below-par sales ever since its launch in Japan. While a more solid Western release occurred, the following few weeks after its release saw the platform, evidently, having its sales figures decreasing considerably.

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