It’s time to start thinking with science once again as Sixense Studios announces a Nov. 6 release date for the Portal 2 “In Motion” expansion. Get ready for full Move support to the entire game, as well as some brand new Move-specific content.

“Those who are familiar with Sixense know that over the past few years we have focused on delivering motion gaming experiences that are intuitive and natural for users,” said Director of Product Marketing Josh Bays on the PlayStaiton Blog. “We are excited to now work with Sony and Valve to deliver content that takes advantage of the advanced motion tracking of the PlayStation Move.”

Along with adding Move support to the game proper, players will also be able to pick up the In Motion DLC starting next Tuesday.

The In Motion DLC will introduce new mechanics such as scaling, rotation and “portal surfing,” creating some new, devious puzzles for players to solve with a Move controller in hand.

Nov. 6 is kind of a big day for Portal 2. Along with the inclusion of Move support and the In Motion DLC, that’s also when the game proper will be made available as a full digital download on the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 30 percent discount on Portal 2 when it launches next week, as well as the In Motion DLC (regularly priced at $9.99). The Move patch for hard copies of the game will be free, but you’ll still need to buy the In Motion DLC if you want to enjoy the new content.

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