Power Rangers Super Samurai Launches For Xbox Kinect

Saban is really cleaning up on the Power Rangers brand. I would have thought this series would have died a long, long time ago. I guess if you know how to keep the dollar bills rolling you'll always be a pimp, and Saban is obviously a pimp. Anyway, Power Rangers Super Samurai from Namco Bandai has officially launched for the Xbox Kinect.

I have no idea what season of Power Rangers this is from and it amazes me that the show still has some sort of relevance. But anyway, let me take a look at the press release to see what this is all about...

Okay so this is based on one of the many iterations of Power Rangers that's playing on Nickelodeon. The game enables players to take on the colorfully diverse cast of ninja warriors out to protect the galaxy from plastic-wearing bad guys and giant monsters who wreck Japanese-looking cardboard cities in a sound stage.

As stated in the press release...

True to the Power Rangers mantra of unity, players can team up with a friend in Multiplayer Mode to take down evil as one cohesive team. Players can also choose to sharpen their Samurai skills and prepare for battle in high-kicking, power-punching, and brick-breaking martial arts workout sessions led by their favorite Rangers in the Power Rangers Super Samurai Training Mode.

Wow that seems...embarrassing. Anyway, by now, most Kinect users are well acquainted with the shame that comes along with using Microsoft's controller-free motion device, so what's another notch on the belt, eh?

You can pick up a copy of Power Rangers Super Samurai for the Xbox 360 right now for only $39.99. The game is rated 'S' for Shame...no, I'm kidding. It's rated 'T' for Teen because they want you to smoke a joint before playing and you should at least be a teenager before smoking a joint.

You can learn more over at the official website.

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