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Harmonix is planning a special Election Day surprise for fans of Seattle alt rock band Presidents of the United States of America. On November 4th, they'll be releasing a Rock Band 2 DLC pack with three of PUSA's songs.

The songs included in the pack will be "Dune Buggy", "Feather Pluck'n" and "Ladybug." The first two songs are from the band's 1995 self-titled album while "Ladybug" is from "These Are the Good Times People," the album they released last March. "Lump", also from their self-titled album, shipped with Rock Band 2.

While I'm not sufficiently music-savvy to express what I like about PUSA's music, I'll just say that they have a very catchy, upbeat sound and entertainingly bizarre music. Also, they're proof that I actually had decent taste in music during middle school. Hopefully Harmonix will get around to releasing "Peaches" on Rock Band 2 in the future, too.