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Some brand new screenshots have been released for the upcoming racing game from Slightly Mad Studios, Project CARS. As usual, all the screenshots come courtesy of gamers who have already paid their fare and are enjoying some pre-alpha racing goodness.

The cars look so good in those screenshots that's hard to believe that this game is still in pre-alpha. The that also really baffles me is that – and let's be real honest about this here – games in pre-alpha are usually already visually complete. Yeah, they'll receive some tweaks here or there with post-processing effects and a few other modifications such as HDR, blur effects or shader adjustments, but usually pre-alpha means that most of the visual assets are set and done. Yet with Project CARS, this game somehow keeps getting better looking. In other words, it's obvious this game is being designed with PC as the lead platform.

The screenshots below, courtesy of DSO Gaming, look slick, and that one shot of the back of the Indy car with all the detail in the engine being completely exposed and in HD is just marvelous. I love how richly detailed the vehicles are and how much dedication to the intricate mechanics of motorized sports Slightly Mad Studios paid to this game; really great stuff.

You can learn more about Project CARS by paying a visit to the Official WMD Website. This next-gen racer will look as photorealistic as it appears in the screenshots below for PC starting next year. It'll also arrive for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U but we have no confirmation on how good the game will look on the home consoles.