A new community trailer has been released for Project CARS that details the game's visuals and the competitive multiplayer aspect. We get to see a variety of modes, cars and tracks on display as well as crashes, spin-outs and a little mid-air flight, all set to the new-school trappings of dubstep.

DSO Gaming spotted the new trailer from Jonz, the guy who has been making quite the name for himself by putting together some of the best trailers of the year for Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS.

You can check out the action in the trailer below and marvel at just how awesome this game looks. Also, just as a reminder, this is all in-game footage and taken directly from the game's pre-alpha closed release to the community helping test and play the game. So you're only seeing what's going to be in the actual game.

It amazes me that Slightly Mad Studios was able to build this game on a $4.7 million dollar budget. I mean, come on, that's just under half of what is usually considered the budget of an AAA title but it looks better than any AAA title released this year. Bigger studios need to start rethinking how they produce “AAA” games.

You can expect Project CARS to launch in late 2013 for home consoles and PC. If you'd like to learn more about the title feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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