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You asked for it and we delivered. A new trailer for Project CARS was released during E3, but it flew well under the radar given all the big news surrounding a thousand and one other games that dropped during the big media event.

Sony plastered their official logo all over a new trailer featuring 100% in-game footage of Slightly Mad Studios' independent, crowd-funded racing title.

Before now, all of the other Project CARS videos, save for one, were captured, edited together and produced entirely by the gaming community, mostly those who financially contributed to the development of the game.

Yep, this is the one high-profile racing game coming to PC and home consoles where 95% of all the marketing was done by the gaming community. It's a really beautiful thing to behold and a game that has deserved all the hype it's been receiving.

As for the game itself, it's just like the trailer describes. You start out a rookie and have to work your way up the ranks to greatness (very fitting for Sony's new slogan for the PS4).

Team VVV caught wind of an updated post by Slightly Mad Studios where they explain how the career mode works and it's actually pretty cool. Players will start out and attempt to raise their profile through various motorsport disciplines. Players will then need to acquire sponsors and financial backing to make it to the top. In-game sponsorships, simulated racing magazines and other motorsport nuances will help chronicle a player's rise to the top (or at least, an attempt to rise to the top).

As noted in the article...
“Slightly Mad rounded out the statement by reiterating the point that it's designed Project CARS's career mode to "replicate all the flow, the opportunities and the ambience that a modern-day driver gets to be a part of", as well as offer players the freedom to experience the game type in whatever way they wish.”

The amazing part about it is that Project CARS is being viewed as the first real next-gen racer for eighth-gen. The game sports livery customization (on PC), dynamic damage scaling, real-time day and night cycles, dynamic weather and unpredictable road conditions. The game is shaping up to be a true simulation racer for home consoles the likes of which we haven't seen before.

I'm definitely excited for Project CARS and we're likely to see a lot more content and media as the marketing blitz gets underway to celebrate the game's launch this November for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and PC. This also marks the first true, 3D simulation racing game being released for a Nintendo console.

Project CARS is targeting 1080p and 60fps on the Xbox One and PS4. For more information on the game feel free to pay a visit to the official website.

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