Beaded water droplets don't seem like a big thing, but in video games that kind of particle effect can absolutely ruin your hardware. It takes a lot to process physics-based water droplets that actually properly react and interact with the environment. New screenshots for Project CARS showcase the droplets in effect, making the cars look that much more real.

DSO Gaming spotted the new screenshots for Project CARS, all of which come courtesy of the game's dedicated community fanbase. I really have to commend the fans in this case, because they've done an excellent job so far, between releasing some of the most beautiful screenshots of the year and also for putting together some of the most re-watchable and striking trailers, too.

As usual, none of the screenshots below are press shots or bullshots or made to look better than what the game actually is. Each of the screens are taken from within the actual game and represent how the game looks as of the time in which they were taken and the build with which they were taken in. In simple terms, all of the following is from in-game play and the game actually looks that good in real-time.

You can look for Project CARS to launch next fall in 2013 for home consoles and PC. The verdict is still out whether or not this will be a next-gen release or if Slightly Mad Studios will tone things down for the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can learn more by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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