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Slightly Mad Studios has been working hard on their realistic racing sim, Project CARS. The crowd-funded AAA racing title is shaping up to be one of the most visually spectacular games ever designed and some brand new screenshots from the gaming community have been released to give you a taste of how close to photorealism the game gets.

360 eGaming, managed to nab hold of the screenshots and post them up for eager gamers. The game itself features many licensed vehicles, power-house racing machines that can tear up the road and rip through turns at blazing speeds. The real hook, however, is in the authenticity of the visuals help play a part in the game's vehicular handling, giving gamers every bump, nick, nook and tip a feeling of realism.

I really hope that in the end, this will be a physics masterpiece that showcases the power of independent game design, especially considering that some might see the Need for Speed: Shift series and think that Slightly Mad Studios might not be able to deliver a worthwhile experience, but here's hoping that they do.

I've had nothing but praise to shower on Project CARS because as a community-driven project, it really is an amazing venture that I hope pays off well for Slightly Mad Studios. You can check out the brand new screenshots of the game below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.