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Wow, what a trailer. A new community made video has gone live called “Time” featuring the song from Hans Zimmer that went to Christopher Nolan's smash hit Inception. The trailer is a slow-build of awesome that leads to some rocking moments of unadulterated speed, perfectly paced to the momentum of the music.

Project CARS continues to roll towards its inevitable launch, but it does so without an actual marketing campaign or an obese advertising budget. So where is all the hype and promotion coming from? Gamers.

The community constantly tries to one-up itself by putting together remarkable footage of Project CARS, all taken from in-game play. That's right, everything you see in that trailer above comes courtesy of actual gameplay. There are no bullshots or PR blow-ups giving you the impression of something that doesn't actually exist -cough- Aliens: Colonial Marines -cough-.

For those who help crowd-fund Project CARS they're given free access to the alpha builds of the game. New builds are released as soon as the team makes milestone achievements in development and gamers who have access to these builds quickly put together a trailer and take it to the interwebs.

Lately, a community member named Jonz has been putting together some of the most amazing trailers for Project CARS in the gaming space. If this guy isn't already a media manager for putting together video trailers for ad companies then she should apply ASAP because many of his trailers for the game are better than some of the big promo trailers for games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

On a budget of just under $10 million, Project CARS also proves that some of the most realistic graphics don't necessarily need the biggest of budgets. Visually, the game is probably the best looking racing simulator coming to the market and Sony's DriveClub and Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 5 will have a lot cut out for them if they actually want to beat Slightly Mad Studios in the graphics arena.

What's more is that the game sports many different licensed vehicles from top car manufacturers, visible car damage, countless tracks, custom liveries, day and night cycles, detailed vehicle customization and a nice cache of visual authoring tools so you can put together snazzy videos like the one above.

As an extra bit of media consumption, you can check one of the latest videos from Project CARS featuring all in-game play, courtesy of DSO Gaming. The video focuses on a jam packed grid with plenty of car collisions and the game's damage system on full display. You can learn more about this game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

Project CARS is set for release in early 2014 for current generation consoles, the Wii U and PC.

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