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There are some rare games on the market where graphics play a pretty vital part in how the game is perceived by the general public. Some games like Crysis or Far Cry are oftentimes used as benchmarks for high-end visual gameplay. Well, you can add Project CARS to that illustrious list as new videos pit the upcoming racer head-to-head with real-life.

A site dedicated to Project CARS videos appropriately named has an excellent listing of some of the more unique videos out there of Slightly Mad Studios upcoming simulation racer for both home consoles and PC.

Slightly Mad Studios have utilized a lot of what they learned from Need for Speed: Shift series, but they left all the crappy arcade mechanics on the cutting room floor, which was the one thing that really bogged down that brand of NFS games. For Project CARS they've focused a lot more on the visceral realism of intense cockpit racing in high-end horsepower racing machines. You can check out another side-by-side comparison of real-life racing versus the 3D simulator. I'm still absolutely amazed at what Slightly Mad Studios managed to's unbelievably well done to be a crowd-sourced indie racing game.

I've been very impressed with this game so far and it still has until the end of this year until it finally launches. On another positive note, the developers have at least confirmed that the Wii U version of Project CARS won't be trailing too far behind the PC version. I can't wait to see more and if you can't either, feel free to visit the Official Website.

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