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Slightly Mad Studios took a different route with their upcoming simulation racing title, Project CARS. First of all, they bypassed traditional publishers that means no focus group testing and no suits hanging over their shoulders. Second, they went to the community for support, setting up a crowd-funding venture that has turned out to be quite the success. The stats now show that Slightly Mad Studios has fully funded Project CARS and the game is entering full development production to hit its 2013 release window.

According to Team VVV, Slightly Mad's latest funding figures for Project CARS has hit the coveted 3,754,600 € mark, which translates into about $4.7 million U.S. dollars. That's very, very impressive.

Without the need to pay marketers (the loyal WMD community has done a perfect job of promoting the game), no publisher fees, no middle management to worry about or any other AAA-related expenses, the full funding of the game can actually go directly into the game (or rather, has been going into the game).

Slightly Mad Studios is supposedly aiming to release the game on the current gen consoles, PC and the Wii U, but given that it may not be available in its complete form until late into 2013, it definitely opens up the possibility that Project CARS could be a launch title for a next-gen console. Given how amazing the game looks and how dynamic the car physics are, I wouldn't put it past the team to potentially skip current gen consoles and go straight for the Wii U, PS4 and maybe Xbox 720. It would certainly lessen the obvious gap that gamers will experience going from the PC version to the console version.

So far, we haven't seen any footage of the game running on console hardware, everything has been made available from the community, so it will be a real eye opener to see how Slightly Mad manages to squeeze the game onto the 360 and PS3 or if they will just hop right to the next-gen consoles instead.

The game is still scheduled to release in 2013. You can learn more about Project CARS by paying a visit to the Official Website or checking out the latest community screenshots on their Official Facebook Page.

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