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New gameplay footage of Project CARS has emerged featuring the Formula A or Formula One race cars and for the first time ever you get to see the latest build of the game and how it handles top-end speed with these high-end race cars.

Even though we've posted tons and tons and tons of assets and community footage and screenshots of Project CARS, a true next-generation simulation racing game, we've yet to actually post up any footage giving gamers a true sense of its speed and how well it handles the physics of vehicles moving unnaturally fast.

Enter the domain of YouTube user SudaBattleRush, and give this chap (or chapette) a hand for recording and uploading unfiltered gameplay of Project CARS as they take a few laps around the Spa Circuit in a Forumla A racer as fast as mechanically possible.

Oh the sound, the sound of the car weaving in and out of each turn and decelerating only to burn up fuel coming out of an apex with the pedal to the metal, and hearing that monster engine purr like a kitten in heat, will literally give you goose bumps. The sound is just impeccably orgasmic.

But it's not just the sound that Slightly Mad Studios captured in a pristine and captivating way, it's also the sense of motion. One of the biggest problems in a lot of games (especially racers) is that due to the hardware limitations we've had a lot of outings where the actual speed of movement has been reduced (mostly due to frame rate limitations on old and aging hardware) so instead of natural physical speeds calculated and engineered to their real-life counterparts, we have blur filters and frame gaps using FOV tricks to compensate.

In Project CARS, as you can clearly see in the video (although I should note the game's 60 frames per second don't actually shine through due to YouTube's compression limitations), the game doesn't rely on cheap visual tricks or post-processing effects to alter the player's perception of speed. Instead, the game actually just has the car moving as fast as it actually seems to be moving. The axiom of speed is made more evident with the small replay video in the corner also shows just how quickly the Formula One is moving throughout the track, so it couples in nicely with the actual in-game play where we see just how fast the car really is. It's simply beautiful.

I would love to see more footage of the latest Project CARS build, especially something that really helps the game's physics shine through. We've yet to really get unfiltered gameplay showing a car taking rough corners or drifting naturally. The only time we've seen some of the more “dynamic” racing elements are from Jonz' amazingly crafted and well-cut promotional videos.

If you like what you see of Project CARS (and keep in mind that this is an indie project made on a $5 million dollar budget and is still in alpha) you can learn more by paying a visit to the game's official website. Project CARS is slated for release in late 2014 for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, the Wii U and PC.

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