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Dead Island creators Techland have decided to journey into the dark fantasy genre. Their next game, dubbed Project Hell, takes the first-person melee combat of Dead and combines it with a bit of magic and supernatural horror.

"It started inconspicuously with an internal weapon mod for Dead Island created by one of the developers – MZM (his real name is Marcin). It was a proof that chopping monsters frozen by magic spells using two-handed swords is brutally fun and addictive," explained designer Marcin Kruczkiewicz on the game's blog. The mod excited the company brass so much that a team was created to create a prototype.

Project Hell will take players back to the early medieval era. They'll use both hard steel and magic to defeat hordes of undead minions. The game will also support large-scale boss fights against the demons behind this hellish invasion.

The Hell team will keep players updated on the game's through the blog. Thus far they've released some monster concept art and a couple environment screenshots.

"Everything posted here is work in progress which you can comment convincing us in our greatness or causing us to go home and rethink our lives. We will also ask for your help in making some decisions," said Techland.

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