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Airtight Games is currently preparing two downloadable content packs for their first-person puzzle game Quantum Conundrum. The first of these DLC packs, The Desmond Debacle, will arrive at the end of the month.

Quantum Conundrum puts players in the middle of a wacky inventor's mansion. In order to make their way through the laboratory, players must use a mysterious gadget known as the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device. The IDS lets the user switch between dimensions instantaneously to manipulate the environment. For example, they might switch to the "Fluffy Dimension" to make a metal box as light as feather.

The Desmond Debacle introduces an unexplored wing to Quadwrangle Manor. Desmond the drinking bird will accompany players on their journey through this new territory. The DLC pack promises several hours' worth of additional puzzle action. That sort of gameplay length is surprising considering that the price tag is a mere $2.99.

IKE-aramba! takes players to another new wing of the Manor. IKE (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity) is in trouble and players must rescue him. This new puzzle pack is priced at $2.99 as well.

Desmond Debacle will arrive on July 31st via Steam, August 14th via PSN, and August 15th via Xbox Live. IKE-aramba! will hit the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 28th, September 11th and September 12th, respectively.

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