The Guardians of Middle Earth roster grew a bit larger on the Xbox 360 today as Radagast the Brown was added as an additional playable character. While Radagast is scheduled to make an appearance on the PlayStation 3 “soon,” those defending (or destroying) Middle-earth on the 360 can download this latest hero and get to casting all sorts of new spells on their quest for victory.

Those of you who made it out to see The Hobbit this winter will remember Radagast as that really crazy dude who rode around on a sled being pulled by giant rabbits. Also, he had an absolutely disgusting pile of bird poop in his hair. That’s exactly the sort of dude I want fighting at my side. Yep.

Anyway, now Radagast can be added to your squad of heroes, providing an array of powers that draw on various flora and fauna. One spell I noticed in this reveal trailer is the Blackbird Song. Spoiler: It’s the one that summons a bunch of blackbirds.

Guardians of Middle-earth is a massive online battle arena (MOBA), meaning that players choose teams of various characters with an assortment of skills and duke it out on a (usually) symmetrical battlefield; trying to defeat the other players and control certain points on the map in order to gain points. The trick is in putting together a team that works well together, which is why having a new character like Radagast thrown into the mix is always a welcome surprise.

You can grab him on Xbox 360 now (for free if you have a season pass), or wait just a little longer to pull him off of the bench on the PS3.

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