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XSeed Games announced the official release date for Ragnarok Odyssey for the PS Vita. The game will officially launch on October 30th with a standard edition, a limited edition and a special online digital edition.

The game takes place within the Ragnarok Online world, and it still features the same open-world, RPG exploration like the MMO. Players will craft a character out of 22,000 different combinations and pick from one of six character classes. Combined with a real-time combat system and up to four-player co-op, gamers will have a handful of fun with this game once it drops.

Now if you're not shy on spending a little extra, the deluxe “Mercenary Edition” has some nifty extras, including a 32-track CD featuring the game's orchestrated soundtrack, an 96-page full color “Mercenary Guide” with maps, guides, tips, hints and a boss overview section, as well as 10 special monster cards, all for only $49.99. Heck, that's more than what you get for a vanilla PS3 or Xbox 360 title at the $59.99 price point.

Game Arts' Ragnarok Odyssey is scheduled to release on October 30th exclusively for the PS Vita. If you enjoyed playing the MMO and haven't already played one of the millions of other spin-offs of the game, it wouldn't hurt to check the game out for the PSV, and we all know that Sony needs a lot of help moving software and hardware of the PSV. For more info be sure to pay a visit to the game's Official Website.

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