Ragnarok Tactics Available Now On PSP And Vita

The universe of the Ragnarok Online MMO continues to expand with the latest offering from Aksys, a strategy RPG by the name of Ragnarok Tactics.

The world of Ragnarok has been pretty dang busy lately, what with Ragnarok Odyssey hitting the PlayStation Vita last week and Ragnarok Tactics making its way to the PlayStation Portable (also playable on the Vita) yesterday. If you Vita owners in the audience have somehow already tired of flying around the screen and battling in realtime while playing Odyssey, then maybe the slower, more methodical approach of Tactics will keep you coming back for more.

Set in the already established world of the Ragnarok franchise, Tactics promises to be rich on characters and story with a deep history to draw from. The game offers access to familiar Ragnarok classes like the sword warrior and the hammersmith, as well as locations and monsters anyone who has been playing the MMO will instantly recognize. If you haven't played the MMO, just get ready for yet another deep and creative RPG universe.

Along with a lengthy campaign and strategic, grid-based battles, Ragnarok Tactics offers five endings for the player to discover. Following the war between gods, humans and monsters, the triumphant humans have now divided into two waring factions. The player will take on the role of a group of do-gooder inbetweeners known as the Toren Militia. Your band of soldiers will eventually be pulled into the ongoing power struggle and, depending on the decisions you make and which side you align yourself with, the game's story will be greatly affected.

You can join the fight now for $29.99 at retail or $24.99 via digital download on the PlayStation Network.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.