With Rayman Origins receiving tons of critical success on consoles last year, a Vita port, and a sequel headed exclusively to the Wii U, I think it's safe to say that the limbless wonder is seeing something of a magnificent comeback. But now the spinny-haired goon is ready to tag along no matter where you happen to be headed, as Rayman Jungle Run will be available for mobile devices on Sept. 20.

Anyone who has played Rayman Origins knows what a huge focus the development team put on making the game look really, really good. Utilizing the UbiArt engine, those lush, beautiful environments look to be carrying over nicely to iOS and Android later this month.

If you happened to play Rayman Origins, then you should be familiar with the bonus levels that saw our hero hightailing it across dynamic environments, making daring leaps with absolute precision in order to reach the end. These fast and frantic levels were my favorite part of the game, and I'm beyond excited to see that type of gameplay carry over to Jungle Run.

The controls had to be simplified, which might actually work out well for those who had trouble managing all of Rayman's abilities while trying to outrun a crazed monster or titanic wave of lava. Judging by the above trailer, though, the action looks to be just as much fun as on the console version.

No price point has been announced, but with a Sept. 20 release date, we don't have very long to wait in order to find out how much Rayman Rungle Run will, um, run.

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