If a recent marketing survey is to be believed, a follow up for Rayman Origins has all but been confirmed. Subsequently, concept art for the sequel to the universally applauded platformer has emerged, giving fans a taste of what to expect.

The images from the marketing survey were sent to Kotaku via an anonymous tipster who apparently took the survey from Arkenford. Ubisoft regularly utilizes the marketing firm.

According to the survey, the four-player drop-in and drop-out component will make a return. The in-game world, this time around, seemingly features ghosts, dragons and vampires.

Rayman Origins was critically acclaimed for its unique take on platforming, its soundtrack, simple yet deep and engaging gameplay, as well as its smooth co-op mechanic.

However, many questioned why Ubisoft didn't just release the game as a downloadable content title. Its $60 price tag was a little too steep for consumers which was showcased via its initial lackluster commercial performance. That said, Ubisoft's gamble did eventually pay off with Rayman Origins making a profit, albeit following a plethora of price cuts by retailers.

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