Real Valve Fans Form L4D2 Enthusiast Group

While over 30,000 unappreciative whiners have now joined the "L4D2 Boycott" group on Steam (no, I won't link you there. They don't deserve more visits), a force of actual Valve fans has risen up and begun to fight back via the "L4D2 Enthusiasts" group. The group only has about 512 members as of now, but as sites like this one begin to pick up this story, I'm sure that'll change for the better.

Here's the "group manifesto" of the L4D2 Enthusiasts:

Hello all, and welcome to the Left 4 Dead 2 Enthusiasts! I would love to say, thank you all for joining.

Left 4 Dead 2, which is coming out November 1st, is supposed to be a great game. It has;

- 5 new campaigns.

- 4 new characters.

- 3 new special infected.

- 2 new common infected.

- 1 new campaign, where the infection has not hit.

- 20 new weapons.

- New graphics, and so on and so forth.

This really is a respectable sequel to the original game.

This was in response to the L4D 2 Boycott group, because allot of people were against their opinions. Right now I will say, there is a freedom of speech, and I respect their opinion. But this isn't just a group created against the L4D2 Boycott group, it's also a group for Left 4 Dead 2 Enthusiasts.

We have only hit a short milestone in our expansion of players, but we have come a decent way. While the L4D2 Boycott group has around 30,000 members, we have around 255, and growing.

There are allot of stupid things that the L4D2 Boycott group are complaining about. Here are some to name a few;

- The music played.

- The character design.

- The color of the game, etc...

In my opinion, these are some pretty stupid arguments, where all evidence came from a Left 4 Dead 2 Beta teaser trailer. May I remind you, a beta is not the full finished version of the game.

They are also saying things like; "Valve is a greedy company, only releasing L4D2 to get money!"

Okay... Well, guess what? Sequels happen! Lets see, hmm... CoD: World at War, Modern Warfare 2, a new Madden game practically every 9 months, and the list goes on and on... But no one has ever made such a big deal like this in respond to a sequel until now.

Valve is moving forwards. Yes they promised new content for Left 4 Dead, and guess what? They're releasing it! Left 4 Dead 2 is a game for people who wanted a sequel, who will buy, and enjoy it!

I would also like to say this. From my knowledge, we have done nothing to the L4D2 Boycott group, but yet they seem to make themselves look worse each day by spamming this group. The only point they're making, is how stupid they look. You know, not sure if you noticed this, but there's this great invention called the "Delete button", works well. See, when you post one of you attempted spamming, that probably took who knows how much time you had to make, I can get rid of it in a blink of an eye.

One last thing that I would love to say is; Thank you all for joining, I really appreciate it, I really do! I love the comments, and opinions that you guys have been leaving, and I read every single one of them. I am hoping that you all do your part by spreading the word, and keep this group alive.

There's really not much to say about this. I'm not at all shocked to hear that the L4D2 Boycotters are harassing this new group, as they've made it obvious since day one that they're a bunch of obnoxious children. I honestly believe that all the real Valve fans out there should hop on this train. I joined, and so should you. Also, this is the last bit of press the L4D2 Boycott group is getting from this site until the L4D2 Enthusiasts overtake them in numbers, which will (hopefully) be soon.

Oh, and check out this awesome video: