Red Bull Battle Grounds is gearing up for a massive eSports weekend between November 21st and November 24th and the energy drink maker wants you to join in on the action... live. Red Bull contacted us (because Mountain Dew and Doritos weren't particularly fond of our anti-Doritocratic coverage) and wanted us to give away a couple of tickets to some lucky gamers.

So if you've been living under a rock – or, actually, just living normally and not really engaged in the farthest depths of the esoteric niches of geek culture – you may not have known about a really big eSports event set to take place on the exact same weekend as Microsoft's launch of the Xbox One. Essentially, PS4 owners might want to enter to win because realistically, Sony fanboys wouldn't want to stand in line to buy an Xbox One, where-as Xboners will probably want to camp out to get the new console from Microsoft and wouldn't want to miss that opportunity to watch some of the best eSports champions in the world throwdown like never before.

Battle Grounds pits eight of the best of the best StarCraft II players from around the world competing for more money than what the average blue collar worker makes in America. The event will be live-streamed and broadcast the world around and gamers are invited to tune in if they can't make it in person.

Nevertheless, for PC gamers, PS4 owners, Wii U owners and portable gamers, you're all invited to participate in trying to get your hands on some free tickets to the Red Bull Battle Grounds event taking place next week, alongside the Xbox One launch. But before we get to the giveaway (which includes two free tickets), be sure to check out Red Bull's latest “This is eSports” episode below.

Ad overlords appeased.

Now it's time to get on to business. So you've come here to win some free tickets, you've had to sit here reading through stuff you don't care about, watch a YouTube video you may or may not have already seen, and get a small prick of console war fandom, but all you want are those free tickets... well, the good news is that it's easy. If you live in North America, just follow the steps:
1.) Visit Gaming Blend's Facebook page
2.) Send us a message or drop us a comment about wanting the free tickets
3.) Really want the free tickets
4.) That's it... you're done. But you can repeat step three in your own mind if you want to
5.) There's really no reason at all why you should still be reading this
6.) Okay it's getting embarrassing now... why are you still reading these?
7.) Yeah and now you're just stalking this section... and you wonder why your ex left you for that Ukrainian immigrant.
8.) Seriously? You're still reading this? You're more addicted to this than Fergie was to meth.
9.) Okay someone needs psychiatric help and it's not the guy writing this list.
10.) Red Bull Battle Grounds starts November 21st, visit the official site for more info... if you're still reading this, it's just creepy... really creepy now.

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