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Hold thy salivation... it's not confirmed yet, but it appears as if a map for Red Dead Redemption 2 might have leaked. The news follows on a previous leak where it was rumored that the game has been in development and is coming to home consoles in August of 2017, next year.

GameSpot picked up the image of the map before it was supposedly wiped from the forum where it originated. Usually any kind of image that has been removed for legal reasons is a surefire sign of its authenticity. The map image is not very high-res, though. You can make out some locations but it's all blurry and tough to see. Check it out below.


According to the article, they note that TechRadar was in contact with a supposed insider who verified to them that the map is real, and that it comes from a recent art direction map.

Supposedly this new Red Dead game will be a prequel. It's supposed to be about the legends of the west. While GameSpot notes an “absence” of a railroad, it's actually the yellow line running throughout the map... I'm not sure, though, if the railroad is just an outline within the game world for plans of locomotion or possibly in relation to a time shift where it bounces back and forth in time, and it's there at a later portion of the game? I have no idea.

Anyway, the previous reports about the pre-sequel to Red Dead Redemption was that the game would be a lot larger than Rockstar's last outing... Grand Theft Auto V. According to the map, it's hard to tell what scale things are exactly. GameSpot speculates that the isles separated by various river bodies could indicate swimming is involved, or it could be large enough that it requires the use of canoes or boats. If the Native Americans are prominently featured in the game, then it wouldn't be surprising that some sort of water-based transportation could be included for hunting and scavenging purposes.

There appears to be a scattering of towns... two of which are outside the game world boundary. Oftentimes locations used outside the game world are for cinematic purposes... locations you can't actually visit in the game, sort of like that short clip in GTA: San Andreas when CJ briefly visited Liberty City.

There appears to be five major towns sprinkled across the map, with plenty of landmarks and homesteads in between. The homesteads are also labeled as “robbery” locations. I imagine players can stage robberies of these places? Or maybe they work as some other sort of purpose in multiplayer.

Rumor has it that Rockstar/Take-Two will drop some news about the new Red Dead during this year's E3. Rockstar hasn't been keen on putting a lot of weight in their E3 presence, so it would be a change of pace for the company to do so, but if it means we get an official announcement of a new Red Dead, then it's all good.

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