This week's PlayStation Plus update offers up a pair of titles; one for your home console and one for gamers on the go to enjoy. PlayStation 3 owners can enjoy a title that flew almost completely under the radar, the appropriately named Remember Me, while Vita gamers can kick and punch on a smaller scale thanks to a promotional copy of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Before we dive into this week's new content, let's first take a minute to enjoy the new PlayStation Plus trailer embedded above. Yes, PlayStation Plus itself has a trailer now. And honestly, why wouldn't it? With a service that offers games, discounts, beta access and online gameplay on the PlayStation 4, it's probably a good idea to promote what's available.

The most shocking thing about this new trailer, released yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, is that its original posting points out that the service has been around for nearly four years at this point. Time flies.

Meant to show gamers that they can “experience more together,” the trailer portrays a group of four companions taking part in an underground war, swashbuckling on a pirate ship and even harassing one of their members in medieval times. It's a neat idea, but maybe a montage of some Plus games at the end would have helped drive home the fact that the service offers up a metric ton of content on an annual basis?

And speaking of that content, let's take a gander at this week's new offerings, starting with Remember Me for the PS3. Set in a cyberpunk version of Paris in 2084, this action/adventure game starring Nilin, a former memory hunter and current member of a resistance fighting to keep mankind's privacy and safety intact. Her means aren't exactly in line with her goals, however, as Nilan has the ability to hack into peoples' minds.

Over on the PlayStation Vita, this week's Plus offering is Street Fighter X Tekken, the 2D fighting game that brings together two of fighting's most legendary cast of characters for one epic showdown. The Vita is home to a number of fantastic portable fighters and word around the internets is that this particular console port is one of the best. If you like the idea of beating people silly while commuting to work, maybe give it a gander.

Finally, there is exactly one discount available through Plus this week, and it's for the freshly released side-scrolling retro Vita shooter, Gunslugs. Announced for Sony's portable yesterday, Gunslugs will be marked down from its already low launch price of $2.49 to just $1.99 for Plus subscribers. For two bucks, it's hard to imagine you could go wrong with this one.

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