Sega and Avalanche Studios’ newest IP, Renegade Ops, is currently available for both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers on each of the system’s respective digital service. Gamers can grab a copy of the destructive new 3D, arcade-style shooter for only $14.99 on the PlayStation Network or 1200 MS Points for the Xbox Live Arcade.

Most gamers might be familiarized with Avalanche Studios for bringing gamers the widely popular open-world action game, Just Cause and Just Cause 2 . The independent developers have centralized their design efforts into a more streamlined, destruction-based arcade title without all the big-budget set pieces or ballooned development costs, in order to give gamers something affordable yet repetitively fun.

The game sports a robust single-player campaign, a delightful co-op mode for splitscreen offline, as well as a dynamic online multiplayer feature for those who like to hog the screen up all to themselves while blasting bad guys to Saturn’s moons with the latest in explosive weaponry, including helicopters, tanks, rocket launchers, rifles and just about any and everything else in between.

The isometric shooter is currently ripe and ready for your downloading pleasure. All you have to do is head to the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace to pick up your digital copy. If you're neither a Xbox 360 Xbot or a PS3 fanboi then there's no reason to get in a fritz; Renegade Ops is also scheduled to land on PC via Steam very soon. For everyone else, you can learn more about the game by heading on over to the Official Website.

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