Resident Evil 6 Parody Song Makes Fun Of Quick Time Events

Many gamers expressed frustration with Resident Evil 6's reliance on Quick Time Events. However, one fan took this hatred of QTE's to a new level by creating a parody music video.

QTEs, if you don't recall, are when the game prompts you to press a button. You might have to tap a face button repeatedly to get an enemy off you, or wiggle the analog stick back and forth to find car keys. It's a way for developers to make a cutscene into something quasi-interactive. It's harmless in some games but sort of obtrusive or boring in others.

The QTEs in Resident Evil 6 were a common target for reviewers. The consensus was that Capcom simply put way too many of them in the game.

"You'll hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks!" says the chorus of Miracle of Sound's video about RE6. Funny because it's true. It's a short video but I appreciate them not beating the joke to death. It makes its point and then leaves.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.