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The Benefit Evil Team will be broadcasting a live stream across the internet as they tackle a number of different Resident Evil all for the sake of helping some little kid's with the Child's Play Charity fund. Because realistically, every time someone kills a zombie…they save a life.

A stated in the press release…
The webcast will feature a live, picture in picture stream for the duration of the event. In the larger picture the viewer will be able to watch the team as they battle the evil hoards from the comfort of their living room. Voyeurs delight! In the smaller picture the current live game footage will be displayed. There will be no emulators used during this event. All games will be streamed live from the consoles they will be played on.

The Benefit Evil Team will trample through hordes and hordes…and hordes of the walking dead, killing endless brain-moochers in the name of charity. While the team battles the forces of evil, gamers, viewers and internet addicts can actually chat and keep up-to-date with the team’s progress, including a live chat room, a video stream and evil e-mail.

Gamers interested in viewing this live event of undead proportions can tune in at the Official Benefit Evil Team Website starting October 7th 2pm Friday afternoon and runs up until October 9th, 10pm Sunday, EST. The website also provides further details and information on donations and helping out with the Child’s Play Charity fund, which provides terminally ill and bedridden kids with toys, books, video games and a number of other amenities that make a child’s life a little bit easier.