Oftentimes when a developer documentary is released it covers all the basics that most gamers, by now, have become used to seeing: mo-cap actors performing stunts and vocal actors prattling off some lines in a sound studio. However, Insomniac has taken a different approach to the in-game cinematics with their motion and vocal capture technique, which is shown off in the new dev doc.

I wasn’t really all that thrilled with the Resistance series, it basically comes across as a good but mediocre shooter. At least with the third game Insomniac is going about the game in a different route by focusing more on the trials of the survivors and taking the story down a much darker route than the previous two games. Check it out below.

Even if Resistance 3 happens to be another mediocre shooter maybe going out on a heartfelt story will help propel the game to the “classic” status. So far it looks like R3 is definitely on the route to closing out the trilogy with one of the two warring species going down in a whimper while the other goes out with a bang.

You can learn more about Reistance 3 by visiting the Official Website. The game is set to release exclusively on the PS3 this fall.

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