Today EA and Insomniac Games formally announced Fuse. The four-player co-op adventure, formally known as Overstrike will be arriving on multiple platforms in March 2013.

Fuse centers around an elite squad of covert agents called Overstrike 9. Their target is a paramilitary group known as Raven, who is trying to steal an alien energy source. This mission will take them across the globe, from mountains to deserts to underwater bases.

Agents Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble or Naya Deveraux each have distinct abilities. Their weapons, infused with alien technology, have special capabilities that can turn a battle around in an instant. These characters can be upgraded with Fuse points earned throughout the campaign.

While four-player co-op seems like the optimal experience, Insomniac is trying to make Fuse an enjoyable single-player experience as well. Solo players can switch between the four agents at any time with a press of a button. Furthermore, character progression for single-player and co-op is synced so you'll always retain whatever upgrades you've earned.

"Fuse demonstrates what Insomniac does best: outlandish and gruesome weapons design, over-the-top action and a touch of humor," said Insomniac Games' Founder and CEO, Ted Price. "We're especially excited to see how players utilize lethal teamwork by combining their Fuse weapons to stop a deadly arms race."

A new batch of screenshots are below. In case you're wondering, the game uses Insomniac Engine 4.0. It's an updated version of the tech featured in the Resistance series.

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