If you like classic gaming, especially that which falls in the line of the original Grand Theft Auto series, then you might want to check out Retro City Rampage when it finally releases for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PC next Tuesday, Oct. 9.

This news comes from the folks atJoystiq, who last night announced that developer Brian Provinciano had informed them of the game's impending arrival on virtual store shelves.

Retro City Rampage was originally expected for release in May of this year but, as is often the case with indie games being created by a single developer, getting the product to market took quite a bit longer than originally expected. Provinciano began work on Retro City Rampage as a sort of side project back in 2002, showing little of his efforts to the world until 2011. Since then, many-a gamer has been eager to finally get their hands on the action title.

At its heart, Retro City Rampage is basically what would happen if a developer wrote a Nintendo-era love letter to the Grand Theft Auto games, and then injected it with bits and pieces of a bunch of their other favorite games, too. The game takes place mostly in a top-down perspective as the player carries out missions for the local mob, though various missions and minigames will shift the perspective to, say, a 2D platformer.

Check out the trailer from February of this year.

Let's compare our numbers. I counted somewhere around 1,362 references to classic Nintendo games in that minute or so of gameplay. Also, how awesome does that game look? Bananas, right?

Well, the whole world will finally get their hands on the title next Tuesday for $14.99, that is assuming you're gaming on the PS3, PSV or PC (Steam, GOG or the game's official website.) But don't worry if you're gaming on the Xbox 360 or looking for Retro City Rampage on WiiWare. The game is expected to hit those markets, too, later this year.

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