Retro City Rampage has finally made its way over to the Xbox 360, giving players the chance to experience some classic 8-bit gaming goodness wrapped in a setting filled with more parodies than the latest Scary Movie flick.

Hitting the PlayStation 3 and Vita in early October, Retro City Rampage took a bit more time making its way to Microsoft's gaming box, but for those who have always wanted to play a nostalgia-filled top-down action game in the vein of classic Grand Theft Auto titles, then it has likely been worth the wait.

As “The Player,” you will take on more than 80 story missions and a boatload of side quests and mini-games in order to save the city of Theftopolis. And by “save,” I of course mean “more or less destroy.” Retro City Rampage offers third-person shooter gameplay, complete with a cover system. There are more than 40 vehicles to jack, 25 weapons and powerups to unleash and a large city to explore.

As far as the story/content goes, Retro City Rampage is basically the biggest love letter to pop culture ever written. I'd wager you'll be coming across approximately 1,000 references to other games, movies, historical events, music, etc. per minute.

Throw in a slamming chiptune soundtrack, loads of over-the-top pixelated violence and a huge variety of options to make the game actually look like it's running on your favorite old school console, and Retro City Rampage might start to feel like a steal at 800 MSP. There's also a demo, for those who like to try before they buy. Need more details? Then head on over to the Xbox Live website.

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