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Tequila Works released an ever-so-slightly longer teaser trailer for their upcoming adventure-platform game, Rime. It's still very much like the trailer from GamesCom that nearly stole the show, but we get a few extra seconds of goodness to revel in. No complaints here.

Rime was one of the many new indie games that Sony showcased during their GamesCom press conference... a press conference, I might add, that just royally destroyed Microsoft on so many levels that the mini 'M' had to relegate their press time to a shoddy little private affair that was short and dinkly like a limp old poodle. Heck, just see if you can suffer through watching the Microsoft conference here. It's embarrassing and if I wasn't hungry for extra page hits and ad clicks, I would have been too embarrassed for them to even post up that link again... but I'll toss it up right here once more just in case, since I'm nice like that.

Anyway, Rime fleshed out a fully realized palette of games across various genres and budgets. Sony wasn't holding anything back and despite some negative claims of having too many indie games, the PS4 showcased that it was all about games... games... and more games.

While Rime fits the basic descriptor of an indie game, it's anything but a lo-fi experience of 8-bit 2D proportions. Instead, the game is a gorgeous display of artistic ingenuity from Tequila Works. Visually, the game just screams for attention, especially during some of the scenes where the protagonist is just running through the fields or in the middle of a picturesque scene.

While the budget may dictate that we should label it as an indie title, just looking at what the game achieves and how it achieves it, should at least tell us that indie or not, it looks like a ton of fun and poetically engaging.

Actual details on Rime are unfortunately thin, but as the game makes its inevitable travel closer to launch we'll definitely learn more about the game, the world and the mysterious alien creature looming over the hero at the end of the trailer.

For now, the only way to get more of Rime is either to keep replaying that video above over and over again, until someone calls the police on you for digital abuse of a video player, or if you play Journey and pretend as if you're watching Rime... but that last thing is just kind of weird.

You can learn more about Rime (but not really) by paying a visit to the official Tequila Works website. We'll keep you posted on any additional media and info on the game as it becomes available.
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