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The team at Psyonix is changing the game of Rocket League once again this December, gearing up to take players into the post-apocalypse with a new DLC pack full of goodies, as well as a free map update that boasts a brand new layout.

While mutators were only introduced into Rocket League a couple of weeks ago and the ice hockey map is still slated to arrive in December, fans of Psyonix’s runaway hit have something else to look forward to next month in the form of yet another new map and new cars, skins, car toppers and the like.

Get ready for Rocket League: Chaos Run.

Like other DLC packs for Rocket League, Chaos Run will set you back $3.99 and comes with a hefty roster of extra cosmetic items for your ride, as well as two new vehicles to boot. The new cars are called Ripper and Grog and, true to the DLC pack’s name, they look like they were pulled from the post-apocalyptic nightmare world of, say, Mad Max.

Along with these new cars, the Chaos Run DLC will add another dozen decals to your collection, new camo and sun-damaged paint jobs, two new wheel types, a sandstorm and a “nuts and bolts” rocket trail, three new toppers, a trio of new antennas, as well as five additional trophies to earn.

Since Rocket League lives and dies on its sense of balance, it’s important to reiterate that these are cosmetic items, meant to give players a chance to better craft the soccer-mobile of their dreams.

Even cooler is the fact that a new map is being added into the mix at no charge, meaning its appearance won’t divide the community in any way. Called “Wasteland,” this non-regulation layout boasts a similar end of days theme to the Chaos Run DLC, as well as a few other changes outlined by Psyonix VP of Marketing Jeremy Dunham over on the PlayStation Blog.
How is Wasteland different? It’s physically-wider than all other stadiums and has a completely dissimilar Boost placement. The biggest difference, though, is that the ground itself is sloped around the entire perimeter of the arena, making for matches that feel much different than typical Rocket League contests. It’s the first of many ‘unusual’ arena designs that we plan to introduce in the future, and they’re only going to get more interesting from here.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I like to call fantastic news. More paid DLC that doesn’t have an impact on play, more free maps for everyone to enjoy, and plans for even more off-the-wall maps to keep things interesting in 2016.