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In case Rocket League’s off-the-wall, turbo-charged brand of action wasn’t insane enough for you, the team at Psyonix have announced that a pair of upcoming free updates will throw a few new wrinkles into the equation courtesy of Mutators and an ice hockey mode.

Yes, you read that right, Rocket League has pulled off the impossible and actually made me excited about ice hockey. A bunch of dudes sliding around the ice, trying to smack a puck into the back of a net has never really been my thing. Replace those dudes with rocket-fueled buggies, though, and you’ve managed to grab my attention.

And the best part is: That’s only one of two big updates coming to Rocket League that Psyonix promises will “change the game.”

That’s quite a bit to take in. Want to see what trying to score a goal with a square “ball” would look like? You can do that. Want to make it so that turbo automatically causes destruction? No problem. Ever felt the need to play Rocket League with less gravity and more boost? You can live that dream, too.

According to the official announcement from Psyonix VP of Marketing Jeremy Dunham, the Mutators update will be plugged into Rocket League this November, allowing players to change up their competitions free of charge.
Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to find your favorite gameplay combinations in just a few short weeks from now when Mutators invade Rocket League! Once they arrive, you’ll be able to create new Custom Matches with the rules and settings made especially from your tastes, while our sweet ‘Mutator Mashup’ playlist allows you to enjoy pre-determined weirdo matches in public games like you’ve never seen them before.
That’s actually one of the best things about this update: Psyonix isn’t dividing the community by charging for it. Everyone will have access to Mutators, so no worries that you and your friends won’t be able to team up for certain game modes. And while Mutators will be available to anyone who wants to host their own matches for friends, it sounds like they’ll all be thrown into a mix-and-match playlist for more competitive types rather than each taking up their own slot on the roster.

And if that’s not enough, the free ice hockey update is heading our way come December, replacing Rocket League’s turf with slippery ice and the ball with a puck. They’re small changes, but I imagine they’ll change the game up quite a bit.