The Official Xbox Magazine has a few tasty rumors in its October issue. The latest gossip concerns the future of the Fable, Duke Nukem and Doom franchises.

"Look for the Fable cycle to continue with a proper, controller-based Fable IV in 2013," says OXM.

The reason they specify that Fable IV is "controller-based" is that the next game in the series, Fable: The Journey, is designed for use with Kinect's motion-sensing technology. Journey is due in 2012. A 2013 release for the next numbered game seems plausible, then.

OXM also says that Gearbox Software is considering a reboot of the Duke Nukem series. The game, tentatively titled Duke Begins, would delve into the alien hunter's backstory. However, Gearbox won't start working on this game until the long-delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines is finished.

Duke Begins is actually an idea 3D Realms was kicking around for awhile. It wouldn't be a shock to see Gearbox take the premise and run with it, just as they took over the reins on Duke Nukem Forever. One would expect they'd like to reinvent the series a bit, too, after DNF's underwhelming reviews.

The trio of rumors is rounded out by some talk about the next Doom. OXM hears that Doom 4 - or whatever it's called - will run at "30fps but with graphics that put id's own Rage to shame." This is probably the least interesting gossip of the bunch. It sounds like some designer was just bragging in a bar. Probably true, though: newer games tend to look better than older games.

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