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I’ve never been a fan of rumors; for ones that pay off they’re excellent for the childish but necessary response of “I told ya so!” However, when a rumor falls flat on its face it just makes the rumor starter feel like shrinking into the back of a dark room. In this case, one of the rumors is actually closer to being a first party announcement by either Microsoft or Sony. Can you guess which game that might be?

According to a rumor on V4VG they’re thinking maybe one of those new titles to appear on the Xbox 360 will actually be an online fighter. TGR took the hypothesis a bit further by stating that the LP could be going by the name of Killer Instinct 3. A possibility? Perhaps.

Further into TGR’s Rumor Killer, there was a noteworthy item on the list that happened to be a new Syphon Filter game for the PS3. This is actually less a rumor than it is a game that’s just not ready to be announced. The news for this game spawned from an ad seeking developers to work on Syphon Filter property, and having experience with Xbox 360 or PS3 development architectures. I can’t say I’m excited, but I’m sure SF fans might go into bit of a frenzy because of the news.

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