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Activision's making money hand over fist with Call of Duty and it's surprising that rival publisher EA hasn't done much with their own military shooter series Medal of Honor this generation. Today, however, evidence emerged that they're giving the series another go.

The LinkedIn page for environmental artist Jericho Wood notes that he now works for EA Los Angeles and has been working on "metal of honor" (sic) since last month (thanks, PlayStation LifeStyle). Presumably that's just a typo and he's working on a new Medal of Honor instead of a game about courageous steelworkers. No other details about the game, such as the platforms or setting, are mentioned.

Only one Medal of Honor game has been released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, the main stomping grounds for first-person shooters this generation. Medal of Honor: Airborne was released in fall 2007 and though the reviews weren't terrible, it was roundly criticized for technical issues.