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Now that Infinity Ward is in disarray, another studio may step in to keep the Call of Duty franchise running smoothly. Rumor has it that Activision has tapped Raven Software for the task.

Raven seems like a plausible pick. The studio has years of experience in the first-person shooter genre, dating back to their medieval fantasy FPS's Shadowcaster, Heretic, and HeXeN from the mid-nineties. Their recent work in the field includes last year's Wolfenstein reboot the upcoming sci-fi shooter Singularity.

A source close to Raven tells Kotaku that the studio's cleaned their plate in anticipation of working on COD. They've completed work on Singularity and two other projects they were preparing - based on the X-Men and James Bond franchises - have been put on hold. It doesn't sound like Activision's pulled the trigger on this just yet, though.

Last month, an analyst predicted that Infinity Ward would close after they release the second map pack for MW2. He added that Modern Warfare 3's development would be split between two studios not traditionally tied to the COD series.

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