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Rumor: Xbox 360 Adding Free-To-Play Games

The free-to-play trend may reach new heights soon. Rumor has it that Microsoft is looking to incorporate F2P gaming into the Xbox 360.

Sources tell Develop that Microsoft is contacting developers about possible F2P game deals. These games would be supported by either the sale of in-game items or upgrade fees. Players will be able to buy these optional premium extras for Microsoft Points.

It sounds like it's just talk at the moment, though. There's no mention in the article of any companies that have signed on for this. Therefore it might not happen. It's interesting that Microsoft is examining free-to-play games, though, considering they're the ones charging their users a monthly subscription just for online play.

How would F2P fit in with the Xbox Live subscription anyway? Would these F2P games be restricted to Gold members? Microsoft is always looking for ways to make their subscriptions more lucrative so maybe so. On the other hand, a F2P game with microtransactions made available to Silver members could earn Microsoft revenue (presumably they get a cut of the developers' take) from an audience they typically don't earn anything from.

Microsoft, for their part, hasn't commented on the report. It seems plausible, though, considering how many gaming companies have fallen in love with the free-to-play business model lately.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.