Leaping from ledge to ledge at staggering heights, escaping a collapsing building as it falls to pieces around me and killing more pirates than scurvy. When I look back on the seventh generation of game consoles, Nathan Drake and Co. hold a special place in my heart and, of their trilogy of adventures, standing head and shoulders above the other two is my game of the generation: Uncharted 2.

Picking a favorite game from the past 10 years is surprisingly easy, as it is typically the first game that pops into your mind. We're not trying to debate which game is arguably “the best” game to come out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and PC since 2005. Nor are we trying to pick which game had the biggest impact on the landscape of gaming in general. Everything from Angry Birds to BioShock fits snugly on that list and, let's be honest, it's all subjective anyway.

Instead, I asked myself: Which game am I going to remember? Looking back on previous generations and given the added benefit of time, it's easy to narrow down the games that served as landmarks for a given console or cycle. They're the ones that instantly rise to the surface because they're the ones that, unadulterated by peer pressure, review scores and the like, you're most likely to think of because of the special period of time they sliced out of your life. When I think of the SNES, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island instantly jumps to mind. When I think of the PlayStation, it's Metal Gear Solid. So when I decided to mull over my favorite game of the past era and Uncharted 2 instantly leaped into my brain like the series' treasure-seeking hero trying to outrun a chaingun-wielding soldier of fortune, I figured there was no point in arguing with my subconscious, debating the pros and cons of other choices or rooting through my library to uncover some obscure, almost forgotten gem. It's Uncharted 2, and for a number of good reasons.

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