I'm not that big of a fan of Ryse; the game looks like a QTE-fest where the on-screen button prompts have been hidden behind color-coded QTE prompts. The graphics don't strike me as all that impressive, but then again that's because the game has a rather boring art-style. However, while Ryse has its own fair share of problems that just about any core gamer can spot a mile away while blinded with hardened camel spit, the launch trailer makes the game look surprisingly good.

Players will don the role of Marius Titus, a legend in the making among the ranks of the Roman army, fighting his way through countless hordes for many reasons... including seeking revenge for the death of his family.

Story-wise, the game seems to contain about as much complexity and depth as Chuck Norris' Invasion USA. But the silly plot and stale story of revenge takes a back seat in the launch trailer, focusing more on the game's subplots and supporting characters so that players get a nice feeling of the scope of Ryse, which reaches far beyond the arcades of the Roman capital.

While I would have probably had more interest in the game had the story revolved around Marius trying to get back to save his family as opposed to getting revenge for them – or heck, an entire game based around Platige's unforgettably awesome Damocles trailer would have been pretty sick.

I imagine even Microsoft realized where the game had its shortcomings, and I would be willing to bet heavy that it was Microsoft's marketing team who cut, spliced and stitched together the launch trailer for Ryse. The trailer reeks of broad marketing potential and it's as slick as they come.

As for the game itself... Ryse: Son of Rome won't have the floodgates of criticism opened until this Thursday, November 21st. Microsoft has the Doritocrats by the nacho tips and they are enforcing the embargo up until a day before the Xbox One launches. No matter what the fanboys say, this is just never a good thing (and that goes for any camp, whether it be Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo).

Still, if the trailer got you all intense and wanting to pre-order, I would suggest you hold off until you see those reviews. We all know what happened with the last time when there was an embargo for the reviews hedging on the day of a game's release... we ended up with the Xenogate Saga.

My advice is to just keep drooling over the Ryse launch trailer. Besides, the launch trailer carries more versatility and diversity than the actual game, if the GameInformer preview is anything to go by. Wait for the reviews to drop, wait to find out if Foxconn interns are sabotaging Xbox One units and then pick up a console and game when you get the all clear from the Doritocrats and the fanboy first-adopters.

Ryse: Son of Rome is set to release this Friday alongside the Xbox One.

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