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Volition Software sent out a brand new trailer for the upcoming open-world comedy-action game, Saints Row IV. The trailer is probably going to send a lot of long-time fans into a frenzy as it features the return of the best character from the entire franchise: Gat, voiced by the on-point Daniel Dae Kim.

The murderous, foul-mouthed, bad-attitude wearing, pompadour-sporting, purple-wearing gangster named after a pistol is making a comeback after being stupidly killed off in Saints Row: The Third... stupidly killed off is also somewhat of an understatement, given that he was shot and blown up in the very first mission of the game.

Volition is aiming to bring back some of the fun factors of the previous game but also aiming to push the boundaries on the ridiculous factor. The whole super-power abilities is another one of those things that the team sat down and seemed to say “How can we make the game even more ridiculous?”

Players will be able to run faster, jump higher, fly, and essentially do everything you could in Crackdown, but ramped up to the power of 10. This does, however, bring about a rather obvious question: won't the game be too easy?

Saints Row: The Third kind of suffered from the over-powered factor given the level-ups, and the game had a bad habit of artificially increasing the difficulty by just spamming a bunch of guys around you who didn't miss. Even still, it was pretty easy to make short work of any and all challengers by just shooting, shooting, and shooting some more using rocket launchers or assault rifles.

Hopefully the enemy AI in Saints Row IV will prove to be more than just bullet-sponges of a nondescript kind.

Anyway, it's good to see Gat making a comeback, especially after getting aced off in the third game in such a lame way. Speaking of getting aced in a lame way, you can check out the mission where Gat died in Saints Row: The Third below. It's embarrassing.

You can learn more about Saints Row IV by paying a visit to the game's official website. The game is set for release on home consoles and PC in August.

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